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Astral Erotica has emerged from the quest of a truth seeker. It has been preceded by a cascade of events that led, in synchronistic manner, to a deep emotional state and insight. The suffering of the ego gave birth to an inspiration in which the destruction of preconstructed notions triggered an illusion to peel off, revealing the core. This book serves as a reminder of the hidden treasure that each of us harbors within, the glimpse of a new dimension where we stand bold and naked, holding one another's space, creating the possibility for the birth of a new human kind. It has been written mostly in the form of rhyme, as its playful nature reminds us of innocence and the simplicity of life. This is an invitation for a journey into the unknown, where true nature unveils itself.

Bon voyage!

Astral Erotica is a collection of 66 spiritual poems inspired by a cascade of events in author’s life that led her to a deep inner adventure after the world surrounding her “crushed as a mere illusion”.

The book reflects quest of today’s modern society for deeper truth since materialistic one enters the age of decadence.

Astral Erotica transcends circumstances and is embedded in present moment where dance begins and never ends. Embrace yourselves in darkness and light, cuddle with inner self and follow your star. The door shall open as long as you don’t give up knocking.  Reveal your hidden treasure! Light up your divine spark! Live and love!

Don't get it out of the sight!

Darkness is just absence of light.

The Book

“Astral Erotica is a collection of verses of my spiritual journey. Each and every of them were laid down on my path as symbolical crumbs, so I could find my way back. But since the crumbs usually get eaten away, even in fairytales, there was no way back. That was the moment I have embraced the life and my creativity emerged…”

Love is not about letting someone in,

but letting yourself out.

In surrendering I won my battle.

You shine the light like you are sun,

but with your darkness you will not have fun.

Dr. Amneris Mulabecirovic

The Author

Amneris Mulabecirovic is a poet at heart, a doctor by profession.  
Born in Zagreb, Croatia, lived in Asia and finally settled in Los Angeles, California where she practices dentistry in her private office.

Her medical background is a clear example of metamorphosis of a left-brainer to a right-brainer.

The synthesis of her life experience living on three different continents, her education, and the cascade of personal metaphysical experiences gave birth to this poetry book.


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Alchemy is not about transforming lead to gold.

It is the secret that makes you into your soul's mold.

I am sure, my dears, you are Queens and Kings

Just open your minds and hearts and use your wings

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